The Leadership Clock

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In The Leadership Clock, Brian Cain, the foremost authority on leadership and mental conditioning in college athletics, walks you through the process of developing the 12 characteristics held by leaders in the 50+ championship programs Cain has assisted. Join Cain and co-author Brett Basham as they take you on a journey through:

1:00 – Core Values and Vision

2:00 – Character and Redefining Who You Are

3:00 – Self-Discipline as a Lifestyle, not an Event

4:00 – Accountability and Accepting Responsibility

5:00 – Positive Energy and How Your Attitude Is Contagious

6:00 – Emotional Control and Why Emotion Clouds Reality

7:00 – Lead Verbally and by Example: Why Communication Is Key………..

8:00 – Focusing on the Process and Avoiding Destination Disease

9:00 – DOMINATING the Pursuit of Excellence and You vs. Yesterday………..

10:00 – Confidence Is a Choice! An Action! Not a Feeling

11:00 – Creating the Ability to Inspire and Motivate Others

12:00 – Selflessness and Why It Is about WE, Not ME

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  • Train you on how to lead yourself first so you can serve others
  • Give you a step-by-step process to best lead your team
  • Show you the secrets of the best leaders in the world of athletics.
  • Guide you through the process of creating a championship culture