4RIP3 MMA Mental Conditioning System

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Georges St. PierreBrian Cain is the world’s top mental conditioning coach for Mixed Martial Arts. He has worked with five UFC world champions, two women’s MMA world champions, has cornered fighters in main event bouts and knows exactly what you should and should not be doing mentally during camp and especially the week and day of a fight. You may have heard of his work with UFC Champions Georges St. Pierre and Rich Franklin and have seen many of his principles being taught by coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.

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The 4RIP3 MMA Mental Conditioning System Will:

  • Give you a step by step system for developing the mental toughness you need to be a fearless fighter.
  • Have you focused on the process and execution it takes to fight your best.
  • Give you the tools and techniques used by the best fighters in the world to unlock your potential and start bringing the fighter you are in the gym into the cage.
  • Teach you what the best fighters on the planet are doing in gyms all over the world that you aren’t.
  • Give you the confidence of a champion whether you have the strap around your waist YET or not.
  • Help you to release your mental bricks and fight with no pressure and all pleasure.
  • Give you the drills you need to sharpen your focus for everyday.
  • Teach you the #1 thing you can do to change your performance NOW!
  • Show you how to train even the most mentally weak kids in the gym.
  • What UFC Champ Georges St. Pierre does to prepare to step in the cage and compete and how you and must do the same things he does or the competition will knock you out
  • How you can bring intensity to EVERYTHING
  • Why the ‘Zone’ is BULLSHIT
  • How to tap into your Limitless Potential
  • How to get comfortable being uncomfortable
PLUS $300+ BONUS MATERIAL included at no additional cost:
  • Video: Cain & Georges St. Pierre Exclusive Interview (Not sold separately!)
  • Video: Cain & Tom Murphy Exclusive MMA Mental Game Interview (Not sold separately!)
  • MMA mental conditioning audio program – (Normally $99+)
    1. Cain on mental aspects of MMA
    2. MMA mental conditioning reminders
    3. The 5 P’s of peak performance MMA
    4. Welcome to MMA mental conditioning
    5. MMA pre-training audios
    6. MMA stand up mental imagery
    7. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable
    8. Cain & Rich Franklin interview
  • Mental conditioning for wrestling audio program – (Normally $99)
  • Cain’s Concentration Grids Training System – (Normally $24.97)
  • MMA Mental Conditioning Articles, more than 45! (Not sold separately!)
  • Introduction to peak performance audio program – (Normally $29.97)
  • 5-4-3-2-1 pre-training audio – (Normally $19)
  • 10 breath exercise mind control training audio – (Normally $19)