If you’re stuck going through the motions and you’re ready to ignite a fire personally and professionally, this book is for you.

The 1% Intention is a book about a 20-year veteran schoolteacher who’s lost his passion, lost his energy, lost his FIRE—for his job, and for life.  Joe Bigelow, aka “Mr. Big,” is gearing up to start another school year, and even as he’s walking into the building for the first in-service of the year, he’s counting down the days until next summer.


His principal has placed him on a professional improvement plan at school.  His wife is encouraging him to start a personal improvement plan at home.

Mr. Big’s life has become one monotonous, go-through-the-motions day after the next.  He’s tired of it—and he knows something has to change—but what?

Then, through what seems to be a stroke of bad luck, Mr. Big meets an unlikely mentor who begins to put the puzzle pieces together, providing the guidance Mr. Big needs to regain his passion for teaching and wake up excited to tackle each new day.

In this truly unforgettable guide, Brian Cain, international best-selling author and world-renowned mental performance coach, will show you how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be by harnessing the power of the 1% intention.


Who will benefit from this book?  Teachers, coaches, and school personnel who:

  • Are lacking the energy, drive, and passion they once had.
  • Want to become a better teacher, leader, or coach—but aren’t sure where to start or how to stay consistent.
  • Want to improve engagement from their students/athletes and become a leader amongst staff.
  • Want to make EVERY DAY count, knowing without a doubt that they are making a difference and becoming their best self.
  • Want to learn how to develop a specific, personalized, measurable personal and/or professional development plan that reaps HUGE benefits long term.

Rediscover your passion.  Reignite the fire you once had for your career.

Get better—intentionally—every single day: