What’s on Your NOT TO DO LIST Is More Important Than What’s on Your To Do List

Remember when you were first starting out as a coach?

You want to do it all and experience it all so that you could learn and grow.

This stage of “do it all” is needed for experience and growth.

There will come a time when your NOT TO DO LIST becomes more important than your TO DO LIST.

If you find yourself swimming in the sea of urgency and unable to get to the land of importance, your problem may be that you are trying to do too many things of low priority and low importance.

You are in the land of distraction and must learn to delegate and eliminate.

Personally, as I look back at my 7 years as an athletic director in Vermont, I was drowning in the sea of urgency and rarely made it ashore to the land of importance where I could work on major projects that would have had long-term positive impact on our culture and on our program.


If I could go back and coach myself as an AD, I would start with a NOT TO DO LIST.

This list would have categories for home, work, life.

Making a NOT TO DO list and sticking to it might just create more time for you than any other habit you could create as a coach.

What will be the first item on your NOT TO DO LIST?  Comment below and let us know.

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