What is a Quality At-Bat?

This is an AWESOME time of year as baseball and softball are getting cranked up around the country…

I often get asked “What is a quality at-bat?”

East Carolina Baseball Coach Cliff Godwin has one of the best definitions that is as follows:

“A quality at-bat is an at-bat that makes a positive contribution towards our team goal.”

Watch this video below to learn the 9 ways you can have a QAB:

A quality at-bat isn’t always a hit and a hit isn’t always a quality at-bat.


1) Executing Hit & Run, Sacrifice Bunt, Squeeze

2) Executing Bunt for a Hit

3) Walk or Hit by Pitch

4) Move Runner from 2B to 3B with 0 Outs

5) Score Run from 3B with less than 2 Outs

6) RBI

7) Hard Contact

8) 8+ Pitch At-Bat

9) See 4+ Pitchers after going to an 0-2 Count 

Are you evaluating performance based on the process or results?