What Do You Say To A Group of 5,000 Coaches? / Robbie Monday PODCAST

Can I share with you one of the strangest experiences I have ever had?

It was a dream come true. For 3 years I had the logo of the ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) on my Vision Board (goal-setting process I go through every quarter of each year) and finally it was my

Nashville, Tennessee. Grand Ole Opry. 5,000 baseball coaches. I was FIRED UP!


Until I ran out on stage and it hit me… I could NOT see anyone in the room.

Oh, they were there. I could hear them, feel them, but not SEE them. The lights on the stage were SUN bright so that the coaches seated in the arena, which was the size of a football field, could see me on stage. It was so dark over them, however, that I could not see them at all.

There I was, in a highlight of my life, only to be shocked by not being able to see anyone in the audience.

That was in January of 2010 and it is to this date one of my favorite experiences of my life. I want to share with you the training I did with the coaches there that day so that you can experience the energy they brought – it was OFF THE CHARTS.

Although this was at the national convention for the American Baseball Coaches Association, the content about playing at your best when it means the most applies to any and all arenas.

YESTERDAY, I had this dream come true again. I will share that video with you once I am able to get it from the event coordinator.

Here is the video of that 2010 talk to 5,000+ baseball coaches.




Your Peak Performance Coach,

Brian Cain