They said it: Transcript from Vanderbilt, LSU, TCU, Cal St. Fullerton coaches’ press conference

 June 12, 2015

Q. Jim, you talked about battling late-inning games, extra innings throughout the season, and last season in your Omaha run. What has been the key of controlling the emotions of the team and making sure they move on to the next phase after a win?

Schlossnagle: Experience is the greatest thing. We’ve done a good job in the middle game. We employ a guy named Brian Cain, who’s really helps us and established a culture in our program of just playing on to the next pitch. That trickles down from the older guys to the younger guys. When you play eight seniors every day, these guys have been in two College World Series, three Super Regionals, they’ve been a part of a really bad season in 2013. We led the Big 12 in pitching but we were so bad offensively, that we played in a lot of close games, just happened to lose them. They’re resilient. All of the teams — if you’re still playing, you’re resilient. So a lot of the characteristics that I could come up about our team could be said for all of these teams. They don’t panic at all. They certainly handle it a lot better than I do.