Sign Your Name Like An Artisan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you sign your name with excellence on everything you do?

A friend of mine recently left me a message all fired up that he painted his first picture. Not because he was a great artist. He was FIRED UP because he had put over 100 hours into a single painting. He was most proud to sign his name in the bottom right corner. His enthusiasm through the phone was so intense that it made me want to break out the finger paints and go to town.

Brian2The take home message he had for me that day was that whatever you do, sign your name with excellence like you were an artisan and the task at hand was going to define your life commitment to your craft. If you had to sign your name on every workout, every training session, every piece of homework you had and every relationship you were in, would you invest more time, energy and effort that you currently are? If so, I suggest we both take a less from the artisan and start signing our name today with excellence.

Your Mental Conditioning Coach,

Brian Cain