The 5 Steps to Mentoring Others


This week I want to share with you a 5-step process I apply with my team that can help you to be a better mentor for others. I learned this process from a book I read every day, and highly suggest you invest in, called The Maxwell Daily Reader. It’s a book written by leadership guru John C. Maxwell and is a critical part of my morning routine.

STEP 1: MODEL – Model what you want done while the person you are training watches. Take him through the whole process step by step and have him write down a checklist of the steps he must take.

STEP 2: MENTOR – Mentor the person you want to train by having her work alongside of you and assist you in the process. You can have her do 25% of the task, then 50%, then 75%, then 100%. Be sure you explain how and why you are doing what you are doing.

STEP 3: MONITOR – Monitor the person you are training and then assist and correct him by being positive and encouraging. Have the trainee explain to you what he is doing as he goes through the process. You must inspect what you expect.

STEP 4: MOTIVATE – Motivate by taking yourself out of the process and let the person who you trained go to work. Once you know she knows how to execute the process, keep encouraging and let her make improvements to the process if she has ideas. This is where your program can grow with using others’ creativity and experiences.

STEP 5: MULTIPLY – Multiply by having the newly trained people train others. The best way to learn something is through repetition and teaching it to others.

Find people who you can mentor so that they can help take the gifts you give them and multiply your excellence in the world by continuing to give to others.

Who are you going to better mentor by using this five-step process today?



Your Peak Performance Coach,