The confidence confusion: How to build unshakeable confidence (and why traditional advice is wrong)

Confidence is the mark of a champion. It’s something you need to be an effective coach—and something absolutely crucial for those you coach to reach their goals and perform at a high level.

But there’s also a lot of confusion surrounding confidence…

Can you grow it? If so, how?

Are there specific things parents, athletes—even coaches—do to sabotage it?

I cover all this, and provide my go-to strategies for developing unshakeable confidence in this article.

TCU players credit sports psychologist for finding winning routine

From Star Telegram – by Travis L. Brown – June 3, 2015 The highlight begins with the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand. But to see when the successful execution of Elliott Barzilli’s game-winning hit actually began Monday, you have to rewind to when he approached the batter’s box. With TCU and North Carolina State tied at 8 in …