Padalecki to bring new mindset as Tiger baseball coach


Edward Padalecki will be the new head baseball coach at Terrell High School and for him baseball season for the Tigers will begin in the fall. 

That’s because Padalecki developed a new approach to the game of baseball as an assistant coach at TCU that has nothing to do with the physical aspect to the game but has everything to do with the mental approach to the game. 

Padalecki will be teaching the mental aspect of the game in the classroom before baseball season starts to the Tiger baseball players to help better themselves in the mental aspect of the game. 

Padalecki was put in contact with Brian Cain who is one of the most sought after mental and peak performance coaches in the game. 

“Brian teaches an approach to create a mental toughness especially in the sports that require more of a cerebral focus to the game,” Padalecki said. “In football, if something goes wrong then you just line up and hit the guy in front of you and little bit harder. In baseball, you have to be locked in a period of three to four seconds at a time so the approach that I use is to teach the players mental routines that they can use during the game to trust and realize what to do when adversity strikes.”

Padalecki would hear a bunch of his fellow coaches talk about losses in games that mainly were caused by the players making to many mental errors. 

“They would tell a kid that they need to take more visual reps and practice the game in your mind but no one really teaches how to do that. So one of the things that I’m going to do is teach the kids how to build a mental routine, trusting that routine and being able to execute their role when it matters the most,” Padalecki said. 

Padalecki has been coaching baseball for six years and is coming to Terrell from Millsap High School after coaching there for one year. He also coaches at Hutto High School where he served as the head junior varsity baseball coach and an assistant for varsity football and baseball for two seasons. 

He started his teaching and coaching career at Bloomington High School then went to Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD where he coached middle school and junior varsity football at Saginaw High School. 

But what stands out the most about Padalecki is that he has been a summer baseball coach at TCU since 2010 and for Texas A&M in 2012. He continues to serve that same role during the summer for both programs. 

“I feel that it’s an honor and a privilege to have been offered the opportunity,” Padalecki said about getting the Terrell baseball head coaching position. “Terrell has a good reputation. They’ve had recent and past success. Coach Leaf and coach Shields’ reputation proceeds them and it’s going to be a privilege to work with those two great individuals.”  

Buster Leaf, Terrell High School athletic director, said Padalecki will bring a total package concept to Tigers baseball. 

“With his background by working with TCU and Texas A&M which are both excellent baseball programs and are nationally known was what set him a part from the other applicants,” Leaf said. 

Padalecki said that he will install a championship culture with the Tiger baseball players as soon as possible. 

“In order to establish a championship culture then you have to install the values in your program that you can rely upon,” Padalecki said. “I take a page from Tim Corbin at Vanderbilt and he takes time out of the day and does some classroom time to talk about what’s important to the program so that’s really where I’m going to start. I’m going to install the values that I feel are important to Terrell baseball.”

Leaf said that Padalecki will start installing those values on day one. 

“He starts the mental training during the fall so when baseball season starts in the spring the kids will know what to do physically. I’m really excited about how the kids approach the game,” Leaf said. 

Leaf said between 15 to 20 people applied for the head coaching baseball job and Padalecki stood out the most because of the mental approach of the baseball that he wants to teach. 

“The TCU baseball coach developed him with a new concept in the mental approach to baseball along with all the fundamentals and the physical part,” Leaf said. “TCU has developed a program in mental training that coincides with the physical training and the skill training and that’s what set him apart from the other applicants. That was the real intrigue that I had because I was really interested in the mental approach that ties in with the skill approach and with the physical part with it.”

Leaf said Padalecki will put the players in mentally tough situations and make them work through it mentally. Then he will put them through it physically so they know how to respond and know how to react.

“It’s teaching the kids to get mentally prepared into whatever situation they’re going to come into and then working through it,” Leaf said. “A lot of it is playing a mental picture game that they have to go through so they know mentally what to do in every kind of situation that he’s going to put them in so when they do it physically they automatically know how they’re supposed to approach a situation.”

The Terrell Tigers graduated 13 of the 16 players on last year’s team so Padalecki will inherit a young team. Padalecki said he wants the players to play the game one pitch at a time.

“It’s playing the game one pitch at a time and that’s what our goals will be,” Padalecki said. “If we focus on the process then the outcome will take care of itself. That would be the goal for Terrell baseball for this upcoming season.”