Loyola Softball Team’s Record Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Despite back-to-back quick starts, there’s something different between this year’s squad and last year’s.

Junior shortstop Jamie O’Brien said the team is doing more mental exercises during practice. Instead of practicing on Wednesdays, the team gathers in a conference room and watches videos from Brian Cain Peak Performance. Mental conditioning coach Brian Cain teaches  players the mental side of the game, and O’Brien said those sessions help tremendously on the field.

“[The videos] told us to ‘play in the moment’ and ‘let the little things go,’” O’Brien said. “I think this year, our team has been able to … let [errors] go because [they’re] in the past and you can’t do anything about [them].”

Dolezal said while the mental training has been key, trusting the defense is important down the stretch to minimize the amount of pitches she throws.