Joliet West plans to capitalize on cheerleading title

 February 8, 2016

“Last year, we had a lot of teams that had some good accomplishments but just didn’t know how to win,” Millsaps said. “So we made the commitment to bring in a sports psychologist, Brian Cain, and he’s taught us a lot, including our Tiger Pride core values. What it means when you say it, and that’s why we have signs that say, ‘’Toughness, Integrity, Greatness, Energy and Responsibility’ and then Pride is personal responsibility in daily excellence. He came and talked about building a championship culture.

“I was lucky enough my first two years out of college to work at Providence under Matt Senffner and was part of two state championships right away as an assistant coach. But we have a lot of young coaches who haven’t won. We have the kids and we’ve shown that we can make strides but we just didn’t feel like we knew how to take the next step.”