Investment Determines Worth

Years ago when at breakfast with one of my corporate clients and friends, I ordered a ham omelet.  When the food arrived, my friend asked me who I thought was more committed to my breakfast, the pig or the chicken.

I was totally confused.

He then explained that the chicken only had to lay the egg to make the omelet while the pig had to invest his life to make the omelet.

His example of the investment required from the chicken and the pig got me thinking.

What determines the worth of an experience or an accomplishment in life?

Most of my life is invested in coaching hard-driving and relentlessly competitive excellence seekers who want to win and want to have it all.

Many of them arrive at the top and then, days later, feel a sense of loss vs. achievement.  When digging into this feeling, we often found that they had achieved a goal, accomplished a vision and now that their investment with that team was over, as the season was over, they wanted to get back to investing.  They wanted to get back to the journey.

We found that the journey from here to there was far better than actually arriving there.  Don’t get me wrong… we want to arrive on top of the mountain.  It will be the size of the mountain that you climb that will determine the worth.

Climbing Mt. Mansfield in Vermont is a couple-hour hike and climbing Mt. Everest is a couple-year endeavor.  Which is a greater investment?  Mt. Everest.  Which has a greater worth?  Mt. Everest.  But  even if you climb Mt. Mansfield, you can’t live on the summit, you can’t live today on what you did yesterday; you must keep investing because it’s the investment that determines the worth.

It’s the investment, the effort, the time, the sacrifice, the decision, the commitment that determines the worth.

Set BIG goals and make ridiculous investments into yourself and others because what you invest will determine the worth.

The investment you make determines the worth of your experience.