BC111: Improve Your 5 by Joining The Inner Circle

To become more, you’ve got to surround yourself with people who are doing what you do at a higher level.

Watch this video below to learn how you can surround yourself with the best coaches on the planet:

Inside of the Inner Circle, you immediately surround yourself with the best.

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Cain: In our last Monday Message we talked about a concept that proximity is power. To have maximum influence and impact with others you have to be with them. You have to have that connection. If you stand up and you raise that right hand I want you to raise it as high as you possibly can. As high as you possibly can. Give me your best effort, yes or no?

Crowd: Yes.

Cain: Now give a little bit more. Give a bit more. Everyone gave more. Can I continue? Best effort. Best effort. Give a little bit more. Give a little more. Okay, hands down. How many of you were able to give a little bit more when I asked to give more? Raise your hand and say “I could.”

Crowd: I could.

Cain: So do that with your kids. You can always give a little bit more. If you do that you’ll find kids jumping up on the table. You’ll find kids climbing up the scaffolding and putting their hand in the air. They can always do a little bit more. But get them to raise their hand and think just when you think you’ve given enough you can always give a little bit more. Always give more. I can always give more. I can always give more. I can always give more. Why is that? I’m going as high as I can but I can still give more. Sometimes it’s just the one degree of separation to get us where we want to go.

We also know that you become the average of the five people you associate with the most. Some of the people I associate with the most I’ve never met in my life or I’ve seen them once. For example Dr. Rob Gilbert. I call Success Hotline and invest at least three minutes a day with him every single day and I’ve met him once. He’s had tremendous impact and influence in my life.

I want to invite you to come with me and other members of the Inner Circle and take your game, take your life to another level. You see inside of the Inner Circle you’ve got other A-list coaches like yourself, other Peak Performers like yourself, who want more. But they know this, they know that if you want more you have to become more. To become more you’ve got to surround yourself with other people that are doing what you’re doing at a level or higher than you are currently.

What would you say is your favorite asset of being a member of the Inner Circle?

Addie: That these guys usually ask the questions before I even get to them. Having people respond to those questions is just awesome. And sometimes they ask questions I didn’t even think of so that is awesome too.

Tom: I think for me, it’s really Automobile University.  Every month being a part of the Inner Circle Brian provides us with an MP3 or MP4 audio that I download, put it in a CD, put it my car so for the entire month I am doing a little a lot along the way which helps with the spaced repetition and reinforcing the message.

Randy: For me it’s kind of what I said a while ago but it would be the relationships, it’s being able to connect with people.  Even like Ed says, sometimes you get a great idea like when I went to SMU’s practice and coach Morris talked about something we implement at Grapevine so if you have a great idea and you want to share it with somebody that cares – because a lot of people don’t care – but you’ve got the people in the Inner Circle that care.

Cain: You see, with the Inner Circle we do monthly conference calls. We do weekly book breakdowns where we review some Cliff Notes and then talk about them in an Inner Circle discussion. You get it every month. You’re going to get an audio where I’m going to teach for 60-80 minutes and you listen to that audio as you drive around enrolling in Automobile University and I get to become one of your closest five and help mentor you to take you to another level.

Not only do you get access to me through the audio and through a written newsletter and through the monthly conference calls but on those conference calls we do question and answer with other great coaches. Then in our Inner Circle Facebook group you get to post a question and interact with coaches who are all over the country – different sports, different levels. We’ve got Olympic medalists in there. We’ve got Division 1 college coaches and the Power Five Conferences. We’ve got high school coaches that have won numerous State Championships. We’ve got Major League Baseball players. We’ve got FC Championship. Inside of the Inner Circle you are immediately surrounding yourself with the best.

We know that high water does what? Raises all boats. So if you want to raise your game to another level the Inner Circle is the place to go. I believe in it so much. I am so confident in it that if you join the Inner Circle, if you come in and you become a member of our team and it’s not exactly what you’re looking for and you say in 3-4 months “this isn’t what I want, this isn’t having the impact, I’m not getting what I want out of the Facebook group” or “I’m not getting what I want out of the monthly conference calls or the books that you recommend, Cain, and you give to us every week in the Inner Circle, they’re just not for me,” then we’ll refund your investment 100%.

Look, this is the best training in the planet for the mental game. If you’re a coach and you want to take your game to the next level you can do it one of two ways. You can go do all the reading, you can go do all the work, you can go consult for 15 years in the top programs in the country, interview all those coaches, stay in their house, or you can let me tell you what it’s like to do that because that is my life. I’m cutting through the crap and I’m speeding up your learning curve so that you can take what works and use it in your program and get it done more quickly. We all want more in less time. That is what the Inner Circle is. It speeds up your learning curve and gets you where you want to be as fast as possible.

Now come be one of the five. Come be one of the five people in my life as a member of the Inner Circle that has the biggest impact on me. The reason why I do the Inner Circle, the reason why I’m on this mission to educate, empower, and energize others to a life of excellence and fulfillment is because of what you do for other people. You are the messenger. You are the solider in the army of changing people’s lives. It’s my mission to equip you to be able to do that as effortlessly, as powerfully, and have as much impact and influence as you possibly can have in a short time that you get to be called the most precious term in the world – you get to be called “coach.”

When you’re called “coach” that comes with a lot of responsibility and it’s my mission to equip you to help execute your mission and your responsibility as being a coach. So come on, join us in the Inner Circle. Come be a part of this elite group and let’s take your game to another level.