How Can YOU Win an Olympic Gold Medal?

What’s up? I had the amazing opportunity to meet 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Jennifer Chandler when I was at UAB working with their softball team. What I learned from Jennifer can help you to win an Olympic Gold Medal in life, aka BE A CHAMPION at what you do.


10 Lessons Learned from Winning a Gold Medal  



1. Set Goals: If you don’t have your destination in mind, you won’t know if you are making progress towards getting there.

2. Work Hard: There are no shortcuts to success.

3. Discipline: If you are totally committed to your mission, you are going to miss the parties and have to say no to what most other people say yes to. You must discipline yourself to stay mission first.

4. Dedication: You must be so passionate and excited about what you do that it is the first thing you think about when you wake up and last thing you think about before you go to bed. You must find your passion and what you love to do if you are going to be dedicated enough to be a champion.

5. Determination: The world is full of negative people who will tell you that you can’t. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

6. Sacrifice: You can’t have to make sacrifices, you must want to make sacrifices to be a world champion.

7. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake: Have a sense of humor and be able to laugh and learn.

8. Visualization: Visualize yourself performing at your best in your mind. Jennifer won a world championship not having trained in 30 days because she had an injury. She was able to prepare mentally by visualizing her dive in her mind thousands of times.

9. Desire: You must be fueled by a burning desire to want it BAD.

10. Perseverance: You are going to get beat up, worn out and want to quit. The race is long and not always fun. Quitting is not an option if you are going to be a champion. My favorite bit of her advice: Get to the next dive. Make sure you focus on you and do your dive; you can’t control anyone else.

Which of these 10 tips will you focus on in your life to capture Gold?


Your Peak Performance Coach,

Brian Cain