Cedar Bluff motivated to have successful season

 August 15, 2014

And, the players themselves are reaching inward for the characteristics that will make them a family.

“(Basketball) Coach (Joe) Carpenter invited Brian Cain in, the sports psychologist,” head coach Tiffany Rieger said. “One of (Cain’s) things is core covenants. What characteristics do you want your team to have in order to be successful?”

Rieger asked her varsity girls to come up with five words they thought each member of the team needed individually and as a whole to have a successful season. They came up with persistent, ambitious, discipline, optimistic, faithful. Cothran came up with acronym PADOF.

“We definitely struggled with words to put those letters into,” Cothran said. “I started thinking about safety. When we get into the gym, you need to feel safe to mess up. You need to understand as part of a family, when you mess up, the heads of the family are going to come down on you because that’s going to make the family stronger, make the family better. The whole thing is about trying to encourage the family part of it. You have a responsibility to this family, but you’ve got people to fall back on. That’s the family aspect of it, and I think the kids are really buying into that.”

Rieger said Cothran has been “an unbelievably good motivator” for the Cedar Bluff volleyball ‘family’ since he came on board this summer. Rieger said she sees the former Cherokee County, Guntersville and Shorter University assistant coach as an equal partner in coaching the Lady Tigers.