BC02: Tom Walter-The Power of Humanity Through Adversity

Tom Walter is the head baseball coach at Wake Forest and a hero and role model for us all. When he was the head baseball coach at the University of New Orleans he led his team through the unimaginable adversity that Hurricane Katrina brought to the city. His family, his players and his program lost everything they owned when the city was consumed by the storm.

He later made one of the most selfless moves in the history of baseball when he donated a kidney to a future player to help save his life.

I have known Tom since 2013 when I started working with him and his program at wake. Tom Walter is a baseball coach, father, friend and hero. In this podcast recorded over dinner you learn from the man about the importance of getting clear on your values and making the decision to put others first.

You must watch this amazing piece on ESPN E:60 to learn more about Tom and his commitment to others. Truly amazing.

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