BC85: Burt Watson – Babysitter to the Stars

This week’s guest is the man that makes MMA events happen, Burt Watson.  A career in boxing and MMA that began more than 30 years ago has allowed Burt Watson to serve in a host of positions with some of boxing’s and MMA’s most-recognized names.  As a consultant, advisor, promoter and event coordinator, Burt commands a wealth of knowledge unparalleled in both industries.  He has coordinated and been a part of some of the most unforgettable events ever seen in both boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In the beginning of his career, Burt served as personal friend and eventually business manager to the legendary Smokin’ Joe Frazier.  He handled all aspects of administrative support, from contract negotiations and personal appearances to television interviews and public relations.  During his stint with the Frazier organization, Burt honed his managerial and event coordination skills and quickly became one of the industry’s most sought-after event coordinators.

Burt’s skills as a coordinator quickly took him to the four corners of the globe, working on notable projects and coordinating historical boxing events.  Because of his forward and client-centered approach, Burt was eventually asked by the producers of the Champions Forever video project to lead a two-year, three-continent promotional tour, working with Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, George Foreman and Ken Norton.  While on tour, Burt had his hands in the coordinating of all public relations, personal appearances and promotional stops, all the while balancing the needs and personalities of the most legendary diverse group of athletes ever assembled.  During the return of Mike Tyson and the legendary career of Oscar De La Hoya, Burt served as camp coordinator, preparing all budgetary and operational elements for the safety and comfort of up to a dozen fight camps.

Burt has worked as an independent site coordinator for some of boxing’s most notable promoters, including Don King, Lou Duva, Frank Warren Sports of London and Univision.  Adding to an impressive list of boxing events, in 2001 Dana White introduced Burt into MMA and the UFC.  Burt went on and has become a primary force and coordinator for the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship on its televised TV and Pay-Per-View events.

In 2006, Burt was asked to bring his skills and experience as a coordinator for the Latin Billboards award show.  With extensive television relations, Burt has also organized championship fights and boxing events on such networks as ESPN, Showtime, HBO, CBS and ABC.

The cornerstone of any successful event is detailed planning, flawless execution, experience and committed individuals who take their clients, and their vision, seriously.  For over three decades, Burt Watson and his team of professionals have epitomized this philosophy.

You can follow Burt on Twitter @BurtWatson4Real or online at www.BurtWatson4Real.com!

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