BC39: Jason Spector-MMA Mindset, Sports Nutrition, Sweethearts and Heroes Changing The World

This weeks guest is Jason Spector. Jason is a former 2x NCAA All-American wrestler and MMA Fighter. He is currently a high school health and wellness teacher, wrestling coach, fitness professional, body builder and the top anti bullying speaker in the country with Sweethearts and Heroes.

In this podcast Jason breaks down:
1. His mindset for success on the mat and in the cage
2. how he went from a 300lb heavyweight to a 220lb fitness machine by simply knowing his Marco (Fat, Carb & Protein) numbers
3. The importance of anti-bullying education and Sweethearts and Heroes

You can connect with Jason through his website Sweetheartsandhereos.com, on twitter @spectorjason or via email teamspector@hotmail.com

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