BC35: Trevor Moawad – Building an Elite Mindset

This weeks guest is Trevor Moawad, one of the top Mental Conditioning Coaches in the country. Moawad has held multiple roles as both Director of Mental Conditioning and Director of the multi-disciplined IMG Performance Institute (at the IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida) and most recently Moawad was the Vice President of Pro/Elite Sports and Mindset at the prestigious Athletes Performance Institute (now EXOS in Phoenix, AZ).

Moawad has consulted with a variety of elite organizations in both sports and in business serving 8 consecutive seasons with the Alabama Crimson Tide football program and 6 consecutive seasons with Florida State University football as a member of the mental conditioning and performance staffs for each team respectively. Moawad also worked from 2001-2009 with the Jacksonville Jaguars as the teams’ mental conditioning consultant and shared this title in the 2006-7 season with the Miami Dolphins.

In this podcast, Moawad discuses what makes elite coaches like Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban successful as well as provides an inside look into the mindset of top athletes like Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. You can connect with Moawad through his website www.MoawadConsultingGroup.com or on twitter @Moawad_Group

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