BC29: Alan Jaeger – ZEN and the Mental Game

Alan Jaeger is a master of mental training, long toss and arm care. He has helped hundreds of baseball and softball players from the youth level to the major leagues learn to maximize their arm and mental strength Jaeger is a believer that training should address more than just an athlete’s physical skills and preparation. Because a baseball player’s performance is typically a reflection of his mental skills and focus, his programs are not limited solely to the physical (mechanical) aspects of training.
A significant amount of our training will address the development of each players mental approach to performance. More specifically, players learn that success is ultimately based on a mental trust that allows reactions, instincts and talents to take over in game situations, “when it counts”. Alan is a maser at teaching athletes how to mentally trust themsleves in game situations, regardless of the consequences or circumstances or the amount of adversity or success that comes ones way
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