BC27: Dr. Dan Laby – Sports Vision Training

Dr. Daniel M. Laby is a member of the clinical faculty (Assistant Clinical Professor) of the Harvard Medical School, he also instructs students from the Boston University School of Medicine and the New England College of Optometry. He works with the St Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox baseball teams and evaluates the teams annually at their spring training camps in Florida. In addition to performing a routine eye examination on each player, he evaluates several visual functions that are specifically important to baseball performance. His responsibilities continue throughout the season with interventions as needed on players. Dr Laby also spent 18 years as the team Ophthalmologist for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently Dr Laby participated in the care of several parts of the 2008 US Olympic team, testing and working with the athletes at their training sites. Dr Laby also as attended the Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

In this podcast Dr. Laby shares insight into the world of sports vision training and how you can use vision training to close the performance gap from where you are to where you want to be.

9/22/2015 UPDATE: Check out this article on Dr. Laby’s Turning Hitting into a Real Science. 

Learn more about his cutting edge vision training system at 20over8.com

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