BC25: Olaniyi Sobomehin – The NFL Firefighters Mindset

Olaniyi “Nee” Sobomehin “Show Bo” [OH-la-nee-yee Shuh-BO-muh-heen] played college football at Oregon State University and Portland State University before signing on with the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. Nee’s podcast was fascinating. He shared insight into the mindset that it takes to succeed in the NFL and spoke at length about his teammate Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton and what makes the two of them two of the best in the business and what he learned being around some of the greatest athletes in the game.

Nee also breaks down what he knows now that he wishes he knew when he was playing. He also goes in depth on the mindset he relentlessly works to create as a current fireman in Oregon who also has five kids and coaches athletes in his area on the mental game. This is a MUST listen for any football coach or player as well as anyone looking to learn about how they can take their game to the next level.

Learn Drew Brees secret use of mental imagery on checks in his progressions as well as what it means to focus on the right process for success and getting clear on your why statement. Nee shares how he found his why and the importance of making anything worth doing a habit of excellence. He also discusses the importance of mental imagery, visualization, meditation and his #1 strategy for affirmation training that BLEW ME AWAY with how awesome it was.

I will be adopting his “PRIME TIME” and “MORNING MASTERY” into my routine and suggest you do as well after listening to this great podcast.

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