BC162 – The Joe Louis Story – Finish Them Off

In BC158 you learned about the importance of Surviving The Assault and Working The Cut.   

In BC 162 we take a lesson from one of the greatest fighters of all time and Finish Them Off!

Joe Louis held the heavyweight boxing championship from 1937 to 1949.  His 12 years of dominance is the longest reign ever by a heavyweight champion.

In his career, he won 66 fights – 49 by knockout, 10 coming in the first round.

He had an efficient boxing style, he was a master of the fundamentals.

The boxing analysts say he has the best ENERGY of any boxer, better than Tyson, better than Ali because he was always moving forward, he was Always on The Attack.

When he got close to the finish he said that he used to be able to smell the KO coming.

Champions can tell when finish is near.  They channel that into a laser like focus on winning punches and executing one punch at a time.

Joe Louis is one of the greatest of all time and life all the great ones who ever live, there can be no greatness without adversity.

June 19, 1936 Joe Louis lost by KO in the 12 RD to German fighter Max Schmeling.  The Loss is what propelled Lewis to his 12 years of DOMINANCE.

Two years later on June 22, 1938 with a sold out crowd of 70,000 in Yankee Stadium Louis won by 1st Rd KO.

In that 12 year span, he defended his title 25 times and won 22 by KO.


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