BC06: Greg Priest – Putting Family First

Greg Priest is the Director of Athletics in the Tyler, Texas ISD. Last year at this time Coach Priest as the Men’s Golf coach of the nationally prominent Baylor Bears. He made the decision to walk away from a dream job to pursue a dream life with his family and a lifestyle where he could be home more.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Coach Priest in his final season with the Baylor Men’s Golf Program and now with the coaches of the Tyler ISD. In this podcast, he talks about how he was a football, basketball, and baseball player in high school who always excelled in sports and wanted to play professional baseball.

His journey took him to four different universities before graduating from college and connected him with the game of golf which he excelled at as a coach winning National Championships and coaching at the highest level of collegiate golf before making the decision to get into athletic administration.

Special thanks to Greg Priest for doing this podcast.


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