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PODCAST: Courtney Ceo-All-American Softball player hits .493

Courtney Ceo is on the staff of LSU Softball and in 2014 as a player not only led the Oregon Ducks to a PAC-12 championship and the Women’s College World Series, she led the nation with a .493 batting average. She was a 2014 USA Softball Player of the Year finalist, 2014 NFCA First Team All-Pacific Region, 2014 NFCA First Team All-American, First Team Pac-12 All-Conference and was the 5th overall pick in the 2014 National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) Draft by the USSSA Pride.

I first met Courtney in the fall of 2013 when working with the Oregon Softball program. This interview happens during a tailgate gathering before the LSU vs. Ole Miss Football game so not only do you hear from one of the best softball players in the world and how she works at her mental game you get a surprise visit from Elvis and a piece of Baton Rouge on a fall Saturday.

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