So what are the things we can control?  You can control yourself, and what I call your APE.  APE, is an acronym.

A is your attitude, because attitude is a decision.  A is also for your appearance, and with appearance I’m not talking about do we go pony tail or do we let it down, do we have blond hair or black hair, it’s not that.  Appearance is body language.  Confidence.  Do you walk around with swagger?  Do you walk around big?  Do you walk around with confidence?  Or do you walk around with a losers limp, “Uh, I don’t feel good today.”  You can control yourself and your attitude and appearance regardless of how you feel.

P stands for your performance.  You can control how you play.  Now, you all told me that you’ve played well before and still lost, so just because you play well doesn’t mean your going to win.

But if you play well and you put all your energy and attention on the controllables and the things you can do to play well, you give yourself the best chance to win.  And that’s what this is all about, it’s all about giving yourself the best chance to win.  So maximize those things, be the control freak to give yourself the best chance to win, focusing solely on the things you can control.

E stands for effort, energy and emotions.  We can control our emotions.  Difficult to do, but we can control our emotions.  One of the best ways to control your emotions is by taking a good deep breath.  Breathing.  Controlling what you can control, giving a great effort all the time, playing with positive energy.