Acronyms Explained

Have you ever wondered why I use acronyms so frequently?  Because they are easy to remember!

In this video, you’ll learn some of the most popular acronyms I use:

ACE:  Acting Changes Everything

APE:  Attitude, Perspective, Preparation, Process, Energy, Emotions

WIN:  What’s Important Now

YET:  Your Energy Talks

MVP:  Mission, Vision, Core Principles

NET:  NExtra Time

SYSTEM:  Save Yourself Stress Time Energy Motivation/Money

BTJ:  Bring The Juice

E:E   Education:Entertainment

E+R=O:  Event + Response = Outcome

No BCD:  No Blaming, Complaining, or Getting Defensive

TILE:  Total Immersion Learning Experience

TILT:  Today I Learned That

K-A=0:  Knowledge – Action = (Nothing)

DTD:  Dominate The Day