5 Minute Mental Reminders for Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball are two of the most mental sports there are.  If you succeed 3 out of 10 times at-bat you are considered very good.  They are games of failure.  Much like life is a continuous series of problem-solving events, baseball and softball provide you with adversity and failure to overcome on every single pitch.

Regardless of your sport, this week’s audio, 4RIP3 5 Minute Reminders for baseball and softball will help you better understand how to play your sport in the present with a focus on the process while staying positive.

You will also learn the importance of using mental imagery and how to recognize, release and refocus when you are in battle with the mental assassin (the voice) that lives inside of your head.

This audio will teach you the same 4RIP3 System that I have been teaching my VIP and platinum clients all year long and it will do so in only 5 minutes.  Consider this audio your 5 minute mental conditioning.  Listen to this a little a lot and consider this while doing squats, bench and the ever-important bicep curls for your mental game.

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