4 Tools Used By Tremendous Competitors

This past weekend I was in New York City working with some of the MMA fighters competing in UFC 217 St-Pierre vs. Bisping and to personally run for the Pat Tillman Foundation in the NYC Marathon.

20,000+ fans poured into Madison Square Garden to watch the fights and 52,000+ runners crossed the starting line of the race with more than 2,000,000 supporters lining the streets to encourage us.  It was an epic weekend I will never forget.

After working with UFC World Championship winners on that night and competing alongside many of the best runners in the world in the 26.2 mile race, I wanted to share with you four tools that I noticed were being used by these tremendous competitors.  We can all benefit from using these tools in our own lives.


When these athletes started their training camps months ago, they knew that they would be stepping into the octagon on November 4 or to the starting line on November 5.  These athletes all had a telescope and knew where they wanted to go.  They had a GOAL, a VISION for what they wanted to accomplish, and then they reverse-engineered their process for success by taking out their….


These athletes found their long-term goal in their telescope and then took out the microscope to say “WIN – What’s Important NOW?”  They used the microscope to detail what needed to be done day by day and moment by moment so that they would give themselves the best chance for success in the cage and on the streets when they got there.

These tremendous athletes did not fantasize about the finish, they did not focus on the race or the fight itself… they knew it was coming.  They drove their focus to WIN The Moment.  “What’s Important Now… The Moment.”  With this focus they stacked quality training sessions on top of quality training sessions to position themselves for success when they met the vision they initially saw in their telescope.


These athletes were also very structured and flexible in their training.  They all had a specific game plan of what to do when, and at the same time were able to listen to their bodies when they got sick or had “life complications” come up that they had to adapt and adjust with.  Like a thermometer, they allowed their internal temp or external stimuli (life happening, getting stuck in travel, etc.) to be reflected in their external activity when appropriate.

These tremendous athletes used the energy of the crowd on fight night and race day to help them to the finish.  They also knew they could not be the thermometer all the time – they also had to be the…


They were the thermostat in training camp and competition, having to either turn up the heat or turn on the chill to put themselves in the best competitive environment.  Unlike when they were the thermometer and let their internal state or external state dictate what they did, they were also able to flip the switch as the thermostat in the gym and elevate others to train harder and longer so that they could all improve.  These athletes were able to change their environment when needed to make it the ideal environment for their performance and preparation (thermostat) yet also listen to their bodies and adapt and adjust to external stimuli when needed (thermometer).


If you want to be a tremendous competitor in the only competition that matters, the competition in becoming your best, you need the same four tools that the tremendous competitors in UFC217 and in the NYC Marathon used.

#1 Have a telescope, a clear vision and a clear goal as to where you are going and what you want.

#2 Have a microscope so you can map out how you will have the most productive day possible today, stay focused on what’s important now, and then rinse and repeat till you achieve your vision.

#3 Be the thermometer and reflect the external environment you are in or the internal environment you feel on the outside, IF AND WHEN being a thermometer best serves you.

#4 Be the thermostat and change the environment by knowing what needs to be done to make that environment the best it can be for your competitive performance.

#5 Have a Coach.  All of the competitors at UFC217 and in the NYC marathon had a coach.  Do you?  If you are a coach and don’t have a coach… does that make sense?  In my experience working in the field of peak performance, mental conditioning and sport psychology for the last 15 years, coaches, leaders, CEOs and athletic directors are all coaches, and rarely have a coach themselves to help them grow, to help them be accountable.

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