4 Stages of Acceptance and PROGRESSION

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every time you are challenged to change there are four steps to acceptance and PROGRESSION. You go through these four steps every time and usually you don’t even know it.

Almost every coach and athlete dedicated to excellence like you I have ever worked with goes through these four steps. When you know about these four steps, you can often skip the first two and get a leg up on the learning curve, thus progression much faster and continuing to DOMINATION the competition.


1. This stuff ain’t for me

You meet any change with resistance and immediately think that the new way is not as good as your way. This is the close mindedness that holds people back. I went through this when I first was told to go see a sport psychologist when I was a baseball player my freshman year of college at The University of Vermont.

2. This stuff is ok for others

You start to see how it might be beneficial for other people, yet are still not convinced that it is for you. I started to think the mental game was OK for others when I had a roommate in summer baseball who was reading The Mental Game of Baseball by Harvey Dorfman… I read it when he wasn’t and that took me to stage 3.

3. Ok, I will try it

This is the stage where you usually try things like a routine, breathing or a concentration grid in the privacy of your room so nobody else sees you doing it. Then you bring it to the field and others give you a hard time because they are still stuck in stage 1. When you try it you realize that mental conditioning, the mental game, peak performance training and sport psychology is really common sense training that is not common practice. Then you get to stage 4.

4. I can’t believe I did this any other way

This is where I stand now on mental conditioning. I can’t believe that I did it any other way and can’t believe it made it as far as I did, an NCAA Div. I athlete without having ANY of this training. I only wonder what might have been if I had some in high school or college. Thus my mission is to provide you with the training I never had so you can get the results I never got!


Here is to you kicking the ever living, ever loving HELL out of the day! BOOM!<span

Your Mental Conditioning Coach,

Brian Cain


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